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A Canadian Seeking Simplicity in Budapest. Hannah MacDonald, Photo by Steph ChaiI’m glad you stopped by this little blog, Seeking a Simple Story. It’s one woman’s take on living local, home and abroad (and settling into that irony). I think a simpler life is a better one, and though I’m not there, this is the story of my journey towards simplicity.

Simplicity comes in many forms. Minimizing stuff. Eating local. Reducing impact. Good design. Efficient work styles. Slowing down. Traveling well. It’s a lifestyle of sorts and one that is an evolving and educational process.

Currently, I’m Operations Manager at Agora Energy Technologies. I arrived in my current home of Vancouver to study the MEL in Clean Energy Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Previously, I lived in Budapest, Hungary where I got to hang out at the new and inspiring Impact Hub Budapest as a Community Manager. I’ve also lived all across Canada with a brief stint of pastry-indulgence in France. I started up a small tourism business. I’ve worked in environmental consulting and environmental education. I’ve helped create community through connected conversations and unique events.

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Thanks to my beautiful friend, Stephanie Chai, for the photo.

Unless otherwise noted, photos are taken by me, Hannah MacDonald.